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Contact Jack Servedio

Please give me a call at 848-218-1098 or e-mail me at for more information about web, mobile, or software development. I can discuss your ideas with you and set up a free consultation to hammer out a plan and get the software engineering process moving forward.

Phone Number: 848-218-1098

E-Mail Address:

AIM: servediojohn

Yahoo: john.servedio

Skype: jack.servedio



Website Updates & Other Hourly Work:

If you need your website updated, fixed, or changed by a professional or need your web or mobile application fixed or expanded, I am available for freelance. I pro-rate all work to the nearest quarter of an hour (15 Minutes) to keep your costs down. Please contact me for more information on any work you may need done that doesn't fall under the category of new Website Design or Software Development so we can come up with a plan for your custom needs. Please contact me for more information.