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Recent news from the Reef:

Deep Cleaning

Posted on Friday, May 30, 2014 at 2:39PM by Jack Servedio

Today I did the first real deep cleaning of the tank and broken it down entirely. When doing maintenance like this, you really are able see why having a well planned tank is so critical.

Because my entire "aquascape" is just a single rock, I was able to pull it all at once without making a mess. I cleaned all of the glass, replaced all of the filtration, cleaned the pump, stirred up the sand, and did a 100% water change.

With the move to Madison right around the corner, it is important to get this done so any jostling in the truck doesn't stir up detritus and cause a mini-cycle.

Coming Along Nicely

Posted on Thursday, April 10, 2014 at 2:31PM by Jack Servedio

Things are doing well and I haven't lost a single coral yet - even in such a small space.

I have added a few more things - namely a Montipora Capricornis, a Blastomussa Merletti, and some more Acanthastrea Lordhowensis and they seem to be adjusting well to the tank.

I finally hit my first roadblock with this tank and it is Bubble Algae! Luckily, I have successfully dealt with this in my larger reef and it shouldn't be a problem. Diligent water changes, scarce nutrient input, and manual removal should keep them at bay and under control.

Here are some neat top-down shots of the reef:
Top Down 4/10
Top Down 4/10