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2g Tank Purchased

Posted on Wednesday, October 23, 2013 at 1:44PM by Jack Servedio

So, I've been wanting a tiny tank for work for a while now and while I was out at Petco picking up a new doggie bed for my beagle I saw an Aqueon Evolve 2g on sale for a "broken filter" for only $25.00 (usually $50 or $60) and I got them to knock 50% off a 50w heater because the box was ripped up.

Anyway, it's 2g with 2 chambers in the back - a mini 1st chamber that I am going to run GAC + GFO in a filter sock with some floss and the 2nd chamber that houses the heater and the return pump. The return pump that came with it is the old 96gph model (they put a smaller pump in the newer ones because even on it's lowest setting it was pinning bettas lol - this is why it was considered "broken") and a loc-line style return. Since I have the bigger pump in it, I already have 50x turnover and am good for flow and heat!

I am going to make this an invert only tank am going to stock Acans, Blastos, Micros, Favia, Favites, Chalices, etc. - but I am going to go for a "Scaled Down" look. What I mean by that is I am only going to buy corals with the smallest corallites and polyps I can find - so it looks like a big tank that was just shrunk down. Same thing with Zoas - I'm only going to get Z's with tiny polyps (no P's) and maybe a couple Ricordea to act as a "carpet anemone".

Water Test!

And here is the filter section:
Filter Section