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Recent news from the Reef:

We've got Coral

Posted on Friday, November 15, 2013 at 2:00PM by Jack Servedio

Since my last update I've finally added coral to the tank!

I added a bunch of new Ricordea Florida, a couple of Zoanthids, a Montipora Digitata, a Riddler Chalice and everything is growing amazingly. The 2 chalices are doing the best and have put on an inch between them, the zoas put off a few babies, I have a completel8y split ric baby, and my acan has a new polyp. Oh yeah - forgot the hulk micromussa. I'll be adding in a blasto and some more zoas this week.

Full Tank Shot 11/15/2014

2g Up and Running!

Posted on Wednesday, October 30, 2013 at 1:57PM by Jack Servedio

I got some sand and liverock from the LFS out of a fully cycled, well established reef tank so I am totally cycled and ready to rock!!!

I ended up going with the Ecoxotic EcoPico light and it is so much cooler than I expected. With 3 LED strips (2x 10K/453nm and 1x 453nm) it should be more than powerful enough for even the most demanding stony corals.

For filtration, I am running fine filter floss which I plan on changing once a week. I am also running a filter bag that has 2.5tsp of GFO, 1.5tsp of ROX 0.8 GAC, and 1tsp of an Ammonia absorbent. I might change this with these awesome new pads by deep blue that are impregnated with chemical media. They make Ammonia, Carbon, Phosphate, and Nitrate sponges and I may use these if they actually work since they are super convenient and cheap!

Well, without further ado - here is the tank up and running:
Front of Tank
Desk and Tank

It looks so awesome. I have got to say - I am very, very impressed with this little package. Total cost so far (equipment, LR/LS, consumables, and livestock): $168. So, so much cheaper than my 20g. Not only is it 1/10th the size, but it is less than 1/10th the cost as well!